Ballard Never Lied

So we are a few days in to 2018 NFL free agency and many free agents have found new homes. Only one has found a home in Indianapolis. I will admit that there are a few guys that I had hoped the Colts would be able to sign with their massive bank roll. However that did not happen.  Denico Autry is the only one who has chosen to sign with the Colts. Hell for all we know he could be the only one that Chris Ballard and his team have chosen to offer a contract. Now we sit and wait to see what other players the Colts and Chris Ballard will go after and it’s killing every Colts fan. Everyone is freaking out and are down right pissed that we don’t have guys named Andrew Norwell or Allen Robinson on this roster. Now we are seeing homegrown players like Rashaan Melvin find a new home in Oakland, soon to be Las Vegas. However, with all of this going on I keep seeing people complaining that Chris Ballard is doing a terrible job and lied to the fan base. My question to all of you is when did he lie? Continue reading “Ballard Never Lied”

Free Agent Targets Flying Off The Shelves!!

NFL free agency does not officially start until 4pm on Wednesday, March 14th, but that hasn’t stopped teams, players and reports from letting the world know their intentions. We have seen almost every big name free agent find a new unofficial, official home today. Top offensive guard, Andrew Norwell will lay his head in Jacksonville for a hefty price. Allen Robinson will take his talents to the windy city and pair with up and coming quarterback Mitch Trubisky. Even Colts hopeful Anthony Hitchens has found a landing spot in Kansas City. However that isn’t every name on most people’s shopping lists. Here are a few of the players that remain in play that would be excellent additions to the Colts family. Continue reading “Free Agent Targets Flying Off The Shelves!!”

Please Stop With The Craziness!!!

We are just a few days away from the start of NFL free agency. There have been a lot of moves made already. Richard Sherman being released kind of threw me for a loop. The Browns have traded for everyone but God and they will still be terrible. However there is one thing I keep seeing from people that is driving me up the wall. That’s when I see someone says the Colts should either trade Andrew Luck or draft a QB high because he isn’t going to play again.

Continue reading “Please Stop With The Craziness!!!”

TBF 7-Round Colts Mock Draft

N. ChubbThe combine has come and gone. We were all blown away with some of the athletes who showed up and some that were a bust. Saquon Barkley stole the show with his workout and Bradley Chubb did the same. There were quite a few big names that did exactly what everyone thought they would do. However, Orlando Brown hurt himself horribly with a 5.86 40 yard dash time and only 14 reps on the bench press. So after seeing what most of these guys can do and with free agency looming I wanted to get my first mock draft out.

I’m sure you will find some of it boring but boring is needed to build a championship team. You will see I kept it as balanced as I could with taking players for both sides of the ball. So here it is and I hope you enjoy!! Continue reading “TBF 7-Round Colts Mock Draft”

Frank Reich Announced and Gives Some Much Needed Answers

The Indianapolis Colts new head coach Frank Reich was formally announced today at Lucas Oil Stadium. This was the time when the media had their chance to get some much-needed answers. He did confirm that he wasn’t taking calls or any communications about head coaching positions while in the playoffs. He told his agent he was “going dark”. He knows it could have cost him but he put the team and the task at hand before himself.  Continue reading “Frank Reich Announced and Gives Some Much Needed Answers”

Colts Get Their Coach And A Win

After the debacle that was Josh McDouchebag, I’m sorry McDaniels, the Colts were able to take a terrible situation and not only turn it for the better but actually turned it into a irsay-reich-paper-colts-620x370win. There were many reports before and after the McDaniels situation that he was a selfish person in general and that players do not care for him much at all. Many of his former players from Denver came out against McDaniels. However many of us, including me, felt that McDaniels was the guy. He is young and passionate and has learned from the greatest coach of all-time. What is bad about that? Well come to find out that he could not see himself not in New England so he left an entire franchise and coaches he asked for high and dry.  Continue reading “Colts Get Their Coach And A Win”

Free Agents The Colts Need To Target This Off-Season

So…I’m not going to focus on this head coaching search. I’m pretty sure most of the bigger blogs have handled that and beat to death. My opinion you ask? Frank Reich is the best option at this point. He has been here before and knows the organization and knows many some of the players. I think he could take charge quickly and get this team back on the rails. That’s my two cents.

MelvinSo back to what I really want to talk about, 2018 NFL Free Agency!! It’s so exciting this year because the Colts have almost 80 million dollars to use. Yes 80 MILLION DOLLARS!!! That is a huge amount of money to fill these holes. The biggest issue is that they don’t know what’s up with Luck but that shouldn’t sway them to not go after guys on both sides of the ball that will help this team no matter what. Of course I’m aware that not every free agent works out but I have a great feeling about Ballard. He isn’t afraid to go after big names but if he knows there are some smaller names who will have a bigger impact then that’s who he will target. Anywho and without further ado, I give you my list of free agents the Colts should target this year.   Continue reading “Free Agents The Colts Need To Target This Off-Season”