Day Two of the NFL Draft, Where Do The Colts Go?

So the Colts bolstered the offensive line with the sixth pick so now it’s time to have some fun, right? On day 2 of the draft the Colts have a total of four picks between rounds two and three. Picks 36, 37, 49 and 67 will be used today. I don’t see Ballard trading any of them away because this is the day where you find gold. Kareem Hunt and Alvin Kamara were drafted on this day last year. So the question is where do the Colts go with these picks? They still need a pass rusher, running back, wide receiver and more offensive lineman. Middle linebacker is a need but they may not be able to get one this year. So who is left for the Colts to select this evening? Here ya go…

Nick Chubb- Running Back (Georgia)
I was surprised to see Sony Michel go before Derrius Guice but it happened. The Hood in New England always surprises people. However I have said for months now that Nick Chubb is the running back the Colts need to get. Hard, downhill runner who can break away. If they take a running back today it will be with the 36th or 37th pick. Chubb should be their man.

Derrius Guice- Running Back (LSU)
If Chubb is gone and Guice is there he has to be the pick. He is like Chubb and Michel in one running back. He has good hands out of the backfield and runs hard. He doesn’t have break away speed but he is difficult to bring down. I worry about his pass protection when asked to stay in but I’m sure that can get worked out quickly.

Ogbonnia Okoronkwo- LB  (Oklahoma)
This guy has massive potential to be a quarterback’s nightmare. He has a plethora of pass rushing moves and has great off-the-ball speed. He isn’t tall and that’s everyone’s knock on him. He is 6’2 about 250-260 lbs. He can be a 3-4 OLB but also would be a good fit for 4-3 OLB or a defensive end. Remember everyone knocked Aaron Donald for his size and thought he would get swallowed up in the NFL, that didn’t happen. I don’t know if this guy is at that level but he isn’t far off from where Donald was during his draft.

Courtland Sutton- WR (SMU)
Sutton is a lanky receiver who has good hands and above-average athletic ability. The Colts don’t have a tall receiver. They need a tall receiver and Sutton should be available early in the second round. Sutton will give Luck the tall target he likes to have on the outside and, if he is as advertised, will take some of the pressure of Hilton right way. There are some other good receiver later in the round but this guy is a game changer.

Dorian O’Daniel- LB (Clemson)
You’ve heard it and read it before, built like a safety with the mindset of a linebacker. O’Daniel is just that. He is fast and plays like a madman. O’Daniel has the ability to come in and start right away. If the Colts won’t finally move Clayton Geathers to the MLB spot in the 4-3 then might as well draft someone who has been playing the position against high-level talent for the last couple of years. O’Daniel was a one year starter which might put someone off but his talent is undeniable and his ceiling is high.

Tyrell Crosby- OT (Oregon)
Big, strong, smart and powerful. Those are traits that Crosby possess. He is very quick for his size and many scouts have said that is where he will make his money because his quickness allows him to handle speed rushers fairly well. He has the power also to not get overrun by a power rusher either. Crosby is just another piece of this amazing draft full of potential starting offensive lineman. Crosby could challenge, and possibly win, the right tackle spot now but bump to left tackle if needed.

Josh Jackson- CB (Iowa)
I honestly can’t believe Jackson made it out of the first round. So at this point he is a great value pick. He has top 10 talent but the market for cornerbacks must be slim this year. That’s good for the Colts. Having Jackson and Wilson as the starting cornerbacks could make some NFL quarterbacks have a mess in their pants. Jackson is a ball-hawk but doesn’t leave his assignment just the glory of an interception. He takes what is given to him. Can’t ask for more than that.

Maurice Hurst- DT (Michigan)
Hurst gave people a scare at the combine with talk of heart troubles. That has been cleared up and he has been cleared by doctors to play. Hurst is a crazy person on the field. He has a very fast first step and uses his hands very well. Some analysts have said he could be 5-8 sacks in his rookie season. I can see it. Having watched a few Michigan games I can say he is the real deal. As long as his ticker is solid you can’t go wrong with selecting him.

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