Colts Bolster O-Line With Nelson Pick

868368428.jpg.0The Colts added a monster to their team during the first round of the NFL Draft. Quenton Nelson was chosen 6th overall and it has many fans with their panties in a bunch. Many wanted the Colts take Minkah Fitzpatrick or Roquan Smith with the sixth pick but Colts GM Chris Ballard saw it differently and I see his vision. He just got the best offensive line prospect to come out in the draft since Zach Martin in 2014. Nelson is a road grater and has a nasty streak in him. He reminds me of Richie Incognito you know, without the blatant racism. 

Nelson is a game changer whether people want to see it or not. The Dallas Cowboys built their line via the draft and now it is the gem of Dallas. Ballard sees and even said games are won up front. If the quarterback has time to throw, you can win. If your running back has big lanes to run through, you can win. Ryan Kelly was the first piece and now Ballard is just adding another solid piece.

Quenton Nelson isn’t the game changer you all wanted and I understand that. Hell for a moment there I thought Denver would pass on Chubb and he would be in Indianapolis instead. Roquan Smith would have been nice but we all have bitched and moaned about how they really need to be protecting Luck and building a solid offensive line. So when Ballard brings in a guy who is a possible perennial all-pro everyone gets upset. You can’t expect a team to draft their offensive lineman in 2nd and 3rd round all the time. Is the sixth pick a little high for a guard? Yes, but when it’s a player of this caliber it isn’t a wasted pick.

There are still plenty of pass rushers in the 2nd round. Sam Hubbard and Arden Key come to mind. Oh you wanted a running back? Well Guice and Chubb are still available as well. Sorry I didn’t know you wanted them to go wide receiver, well the good thing is Courtland Sutton and Anthony Miller are still up for grabs. Oh yeah and the Colts have FOUR PICKS TODAY!!!!

For those of you that say the Colts wasted a pick on a guard, I do hope you’re ready to eat your words come game time. Nelson will be the leader of that line and he will expect greatness and no less. Kelly is the same way so two alpha males wanting the best is a good thing right? Stop complaining about it and get on board with it. I have seen so many people on their social media saying, “I trust Ballard and you should too”, or “Believe in Ballard’s process”.  However you don’t believe those words or you wouldn’t be bashing him for his process.

Get on board people or get out-of-the-way.


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