TBF Final 7-Round Mock Draft

The 2018 NFL Draft begins this Thursday night. That is also the night where the Colts take their first steps into becoming the hunted again instead of the hunters. Ryan Grigson Smiththrew this franchise into a deep hole with his meddling and tinkering but never really changed a thing. Chris Ballard took his first swing last year and land a couple but he will have to do better this year if the Colts organization wants to retain their fan base. The Colts Nation aren’t wanting to hear about a “rebuilding process”. They want to hear that the team is doing everything them can to make a difference now. There is a ton of good to great talent in this years draft pool. I am sure that Ballard and the other scouts have flipped over every rock to find solid talent. I’m sure a few IPads were broken while watching film. My biggest hope is that the guys they bring in will contribute somewhere right away. 

The Colts get the 12th, 22nd and 96th pick for the 6th pick and 140th pick

Pick 12: Roquon Smith-LB (Georgia)
I love Smith and middle linebacker is a big need for this new look defense. Smith has great skills in defending the run and pass. He has some pass rush ability but that’s not what he is on the field to do. He is a natural leader and should be able to take hold of this very young defense quickly.

Pick 22: Will Hernandez-Guard (UTEP)
Hernandez isn’t Quenton Nelson. No one is Nelson but Hernandez is a road grater. He has good pass blocking skills and has quick feet. He uses his hands well which is great for someone with shorter arms. He is a beast and exactly what the Colts need.

Pick 36: Sony Michel- RB (Georgia)
Michel is a beast. I am torn between him and fellow Bulldog Nick Chubb. Both would fitMichel great here. Even with the medical concerns with Michel I still give him the slight edge. If the Colts do go running back in the 2nd round then it will be with this pick. They could possibly wait until the 3rd though and hopefully hit gold.

Pick 37: Lorenzo Carter- OLB (Georgia)
As per my last mock I don’t have a fetish with Georgia players but the talent is undeniable. Carter has good pass rushing skills and a good pass coverage skills. With Simon going to defensive end and Sheard at defensive end as well, the Colts will need to find a good OLB to help with the pass rush but can drop into coverage just as quickly. Carter is the man here.

Pick 49: Harrison Phillips-Defensive Tackle (Stanford)
harrisonphillips-LIT-SITE-615x400Phillips has very quick feet for a big guy. Now I know they just released Hankins but he isn’t to quick off the ball. Phillips isn’t Aaron Donald fast but still very quick for a man his size. Phillips will split time to start but I feel that Phillips and Anderson could end up being the duo in the middle. Phillips is a great talent and will really help the new 4-3 come together quicker.

Pick 67: Dante Pettis- Wide Receiver (Washington)
Pettis is the big body receiver the Colts need. He isn’t huge but he is a solid route runner with  good speed. He has good hands and just everything about this guy is good. Pettis will be a natural fit with Hilton and Luck. He has the same intangibles that Moncrief had coming out of college.  Hopefully this time the coaching staff and bring Pettis along better.

Pick 96: Duke Dawson- Cornerback (Florida)
I still feel Dawson could be great here. He could start in the slot position and work his Dawsonway to the outside. He has good coverage ability but sometimes struggles with bigger body receivers. He can work on that with the coaching staff and his former college teammate Quincy Wilson who has gone to bat for Dawson via Twitter.


Pick 104: Alex Cappa- Guard (Humboldt State)
Cappa helped himself in the draft and the more tape you see on him and the more you read about him, he has potential all-pro written all over him. He is a tireless worker and will only get better with good coaching. If Mewhort doesn’t work out then Cappa could see playing time this year with the 22nd pick, Will Hernandez, filling the other guard spot. I fell in love with this guy and I cannot get over it. It may be a reach to get him at this spot but oh well. It will be worth it.

Pick 178: Desmond Harrison- Tackle (West Georgia)
Yet another lineman who helped himself at the combine. Harrison showed how quick heHarrison was and showed his raw athletic talent. Yes he has a troubled past but it seems he has made it through that. Hopefully his road to the NFL was enough to humble him. He will need to work at his craft and need to be tucked away for a season to put muscle/weight on his frame. Could be an amazing pick up for a team trying to build their offensive line through the draft.

Pick 221: Logan Woodside- Quarterback (Toledo)
Woodside is exactly what the Colts need in a backup quarterback. For some reason I feel that Chris Ballard is going to use Brissett as a trade piece and that would leave the Colts without a backup. Woodside is “small” but he has a will to win and shows grit through anything. He has a high football IQ and pairing him with Luck could mean the Colts would have to cerebral assassins leading the offense. That sounds good to me.


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