TBF Mock Draft 3.0

We sit 16 days from the 2018 NFL Draft. The Colts have already made one move from theN. Chubb 3rd pick to the 6th pick and also picking up two more 2nd round picks. I still feel like Ballard should be in jail for stealing from the Jets. Even though the Colts moved back there is still a big chance that they can still land Bradley Chubb or Saquon Barkley with the 6th pick which is utterly fantastic. I don’t believe either will be there which will leave them to one of two things, take Nelson out of Notre Dame or shop the pick. Of course there will be suitors for the 6th pick and I believe Buffalo has the most to offer for the pick. Let’s see how this mock plays out shall we?

I feel that if Chubb nor Barkley are available then Ballard will take the trade with the Buffalo Bills. The Bill will give up the 12th and 22nd picks in the draft to move up and get the quarterback they wanted. I feel at this point Josh Allen will be available for the Bills to snatch up and either start right away or let him learn before throwing him in the fire.

Pick #12 (From Buffalo)- Roquan Smith- ILB (Georgia)
SmithThe Colts doing get their pass rusher so they stay on the defensive side of things and land the best middle linebacker. Smith is fast and instinctive. He is an all down linebacker which the Colts haven’t had since Gary Brackett. Smith can cover the tight ends and the backs with ease and brings the load when tackling his opponents. Smith fills a huge need and could here for many MANY years.

Pick #22 (From Buffalo)-Will Hernandez- Guard (UTEP)
Hernandez helped himself at the combine. He showed that he is an absolute beast. Also if you watch his film you will see he is a road-grater. His pass protection may need a little tweaking but if that it’s then this guy is an automatic starter at either guard position. I have a feeling that Mewhort will win the other one. Ballard didn’t buy his offensive line so he cannot afford to miss on any of his offensive line draft picks if he hopes to protect his franchise player.

Pick #36- Nick Chubb- Running Back (Georgia)
I promise I don’t have a  thing for Georgia players. Chubb was my guy at this pick in my last mock draft and I’m not changing my mind. I think Chubb and Mack will compliment each other very well. If Mack bulks up and works on his pass protection he will be the starter but with Chubb already there he would more than likely be the starter out of the gate with Mack coming in as a change of pace player.

Pick #37- Orlando Brown- Offensive Tackle (Oklahoma)
This may seem crazy but Brown’s stock is going down. He didn’t do well at the combine but his tape shows something you can’t see while guys are running around in t-shirts and Brownunderwear. He is an instinctual player. He knows what he is doing when the ball is snapped. I chalked Brown’s performance at the Combine to a bad couple of days. He didn’t sulk about any of it. He openly said he will be getting on a strength and conditioning program prior to the draft and training camps. This would be the time to nab him as people’s belief in him are shook and Ballard could get the steal of the draft with him. He could start at right tackle and eventually, if need be, take over for Big AC.

Pick #49 (From Jets via Seahawks)- Lorenzo Carter-OLB (Georgia)
What can I say other than the Bulldogs have a ton of talent in this draft across the board. Carter had a great combine but an even better senior season. He looks the part and fits the part of what Eberflus will need in his outside linebackers. Carter can set the edge well and continues to work on his pass rushing ability. Having Carter and Smith on the field together will only help these two teammates grow and feed off each other.

Pick #67- Auden Tate- Wide Receiver (Florida State)
TateTate is the perfect person to match up with Hilton on the opposite side. Tate has the ability to win most jump balls and Hilton has the ability to bust the top off the defense. Mixing in Ryan Grant and Chester Rogers the wide receiver corps will be ready for anything. Tate isn’t a burner but when you’re 6’6 and 220 you don’t have to be a burner. You have to be physical and have excellent hands. Tate is all of those things.

Pick #104- Duke Dawson- Cornerback (Florida)
This was my guy at this pick in my last mock draft. Dawson has great ability and a great work ethic. I think with Melvin gone that Desir will get the chance to start opposite Wilson to start training camp but Dawson would do everything he could to show he is the real deal. I could see Dawson though fighting with Hairston for the slot corner position for right now.

Pick # 140- Antonio Callaway- Wide Receiver (Florida)
Callaway missed all of 2017 because he made some really terrible decisions. Being charged with fraud and having to enter a pre-trial diversion program isn’t a great way to begin your adult life. Callaway also seems to like marijuana an awful lot as well. I knowNCAA Football: Florida Atlantic at Florida you may think I’m crazy for putting him here in Indy but this would be a great place for him I feel. With a team and new coaching staff that will hold him accountable and a general manager who will tell him if he messes up once, he is gone. Callaway has so much talent and could be a star in the NFL. He needs to grow up a bit and not come into this thing feeling entitled or he will be shown the door quickly. If he comes to work, then he will earn his spot and outshine many of the players in Indy.

Pick # 178- Alex Cappa- Offensive Tackle/Guard (Humboldt State)
This guy had a great combine. He had a good Senior Bowl week showing that he isn’t afraid of the upper tier talent. He didn’t run well anywhere but when does an offensive lineman need to run 40 yards in a dead sprint. Cappa is a guy, like Haeg, will need some seasoning but has the talent to be a successful offensive lineman. With the Colts bullpen kind of thin, Cappa could see the field if injuries stack up. If not then he will have the chance to get better and prepare for a run at a starting job in 2019.

Pick #221- Logan Whiteside- Quarterback (Toledo)
I had Whiteside in this position last time and I’m leaving him here. The Colts will need to get a QB for the practice squad and why not use a lowly pick on one who could turn out to be very serviceable if Ballard decides to move Brissett? Whiteside can make all the throws but he will need to build a great deal of confidence. I’m sure he will be able to do with such a young team and guys his age to make him feel welcome and who want to see him succeed.

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