Ballard Steals From The Jets

Hopefully you all have heard by now but if you haven’t then let me tell you. The Colts noshock-650x345 longer hold the 3rd pick in this years NFL Draft. Chris Ballard turned the 3rd pick into the 6th pick, 37th pick and the 49th pick. They also landed the Jets 2nd round pick next year. That’s a king’s ransom for one pick. The Jets were hard up to move into the range to get their next starting quarterback and were willing to give up enough to get into contention. However I do not think that Bradley Chubb will be available at the 6th pick. 

I see only one way that Bradley Chubb is available with the 6th pick. That is if the Browns choose to address their offense more than their defense. The first pick is either Saquon Barkley or Sam Darnold, that much we know. If Barkley is available for the Giants at number two then I feel that is where they go. That leaves the Jets most likely taking Josh Rosen with the third pick. So back to the second pick. If Barkley is taken here then I think Bradley Chubb goes with the 4th pick. Pairing Chubb with Myles Garrett would be a great move for Cleveland.

If the Giants decide to go with what the majority of people first said they would do, draft Rosen, then the Jets will either trade out, draft Josh Allen or they take Barkley. The Broncos have been linked and mocks have shown that the Broncos will most likely take Minkah Fitzpatrick. So basically the Giants hold in their hands as to who the Colts take with the sixth pick.

If Chubb is gone then where do the Colts go with their first round pick? Most people are NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Texassaying taking Quentin Nelson out of Notre Dame. This is a great pick and an amazing player but I would be scared to take him that close to the top. However he has shown he has the talent to be a franchise player. Marcus Davenport is another possibility so that the Colts can still land a premier pass rusher. Roquan Smith is the most likely fit for this pick. He would fill a big need for the Colts and has amazing instincts and has great leadership qualities.

One more scenario that could happen is if one of the top three quarterbacks slide out of the top 5. This could be the Buffalo Bills area to make a trade with the Colts to move upridley from the 12th pick to the 6th and get their guy. If the Colts move back to the 12th, and more than likely would land another 2nd and 3rd round pick, then they look at what’s available for them. Nelson will be gone for sure, Smith will be gone as well but guys like Calvin Ridley, Mike McGlinchey and Joshua Jackson will be there for the taking.

Yes I know this move pisses many people off but get over it. Ballard just gave the Colts 4 picks in the top 50. If they do their job the right way that mean he just landed four plug and play players for this team. That’s fill holes with young talent and building this team through the draft. Are the Colts going to win a Lombardi this season? Probably not. Hell they may even miss the playoffs again but even the great Peyton Manning/Bill Polian duo had some rough times before the great came. This could be seen as wasting Andrew Luck’s years but if all things are going well as they seem to be then I’m sure that we have a good 8-10 years left with the bearded wonder under center.

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