Ballard Never Lied

So we are a few days in to 2018 NFL free agency and many free agents have found new homes. Only one has found a home in Indianapolis. I will admit that there are a few guys that I had hoped the Colts would be able to sign with their massive bank roll. However that did not happen.  Denico Autry is the only one who has chosen to sign with the Colts. Hell for all we know he could be the only one that Chris Ballard and his team have chosen to offer a contract. Now we sit and wait to see what other players the Colts and Chris Ballard will go after and it’s killing every Colts fan. Everyone is freaking out and are down right pissed that we don’t have guys named Andrew Norwell or Allen Robinson on this roster. Now we are seeing homegrown players like Rashaan Melvin find a new home in Oakland, soon to be Las Vegas. However, with all of this going on I keep seeing people complaining that Chris Ballard is doing a terrible job and lied to the fan base. My question to all of you is when did he lie?

Ballard told everyone before free agency even began that he wasn’t going to break the bank to get players here. He wasn’t going to pay blue chip money for mid-level players. Evidently Ballard and his team felt that the bigger names weren’t worth the money they were asking. I can argue that guys like Norwell, Watkins and Hitchens would have been worth the shot but the rest of the names that people wanted here aren’t worth the risk. McKinnon got a hefty contract and in my opinion doesn’t deserve a 30 million dollar contract.

How many of you would have been screaming your head off and asking for Ballard to be fired if they had signed Allen Robinson to a 4 year, 50 million dollar contract and he isn’t able to play until mid-season? What about not being able to play at all in 2018? What if Norwell would have had a lucky season, got paid and then never returned to that form? Everyone would have been happy to see those signings but would have been livid with the signing when it didn’t turn out.

Everyone needs to slow their role. Everyone wants the Colts to go back to their heyday when they were winning all the time and going deep into the playoffs. Ask yourself this one question. Did Bill Polian build those teams with spending tons of money on someone else’s players or did he build through the draft and supplement the roster with free agency? I know you have heard all of this before and you’re probably tired of hearing or reading it. You build through the draft and supplement through free agency. Yes some bigger names that could turn out to be major players would have been nice. However I’m going to trust Ballard in how he is putting this team together. In the coming days is where Ballard seems to live during this process.

The Colts have some visits set up with players that could fill a few holes here in Indy. Guys like Eric Ebron, Ryan Jensen, Justin Pugh and Phillip Gaines could really help here and also could be immediate starters.

Listen everyone, we have no choice but to trust Ballard. he is the general manager and we aren’t. No matter how many of you say, “If Ballard wants my money, he better starting spending” or something to that effect will mean a damn thing to him. There are plenty of us that will continue to support this team and it’s GM.

One thought on “Ballard Never Lied”

  1. I sir absolutely agree with you. I support Chris Ballard 100 % if people want to blame anybody it should be Grigson. People need to be patient yes i too wouldve like to seen a couple of big name players get signed but i also know you build a championship team by drafting and developing young players stack draft on top of draft and that is something Grigson didnt do that left us with a bunch of has beens on our roster.

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