Can Brissett Just Start So The Colts Have A Chance?

Alright, so the 53-man roster has been determined by the Indianapolis Colts. They let go of the most effective quarterback they had this preseason and traded away a lackluster talent for the third string quarterback in New England. They also released, thankfully, Phillip Walker who was horrendous during this preseason. So that leaves Scott Tolzien and Jacoby Brissett to play in week one because, even though Andrew Luck was taken off the PUP list he is ruled out. Tolzien was not good during the preseason. He may have done decent in practice but during the games he wasn’t what anyone would want in their quarterback. Stephen Morris outplayed him almost every step of the way but he isn’t here anymore. Brissett had a great four touchdown game during his preseason which is four more than Tolzien threw the entire preseason.  Continue reading “Can Brissett Just Start So The Colts Have A Chance?”