Stephen Morris Is The Starter…Right?

After an exciting, or at least as exciting as they can, preseason showdown with the Pittsburgh Steelers there are a few things that came to light. The first thing is that the Colts defense, sans Hankins, Wilson and Hooker, can play. They can get to the quarterback and they can force turnovers. Mathias Farley was an absolute stud against the Steelers and really made it even more of a tough decision for Coach Pagano and the rest of his staff as to who will be the starting at the safety positions. Continue reading “Stephen Morris Is The Starter…Right?”

Colts Unofficial Depth Chart Released

The first “depth chart” for the Indianapolis Colts has been released. There are a few surprises on it but to be honest it’s not anything crazy. The most notable switch for me would be at the guard position. It’s been talked about since the start of training camp and now to see Joe Haeg at the left guard position and Jack Mewhort at the right guard position is a little weird. However I heard the explanation that made the most sense, the left guard pulls more often in the running game and that player needs to be able to move quickly. Mewhort isn’t that light on his feet but Haeg is so it makes sense. Continue reading “Colts Unofficial Depth Chart Released”

Hypothetical Question Colts Nation…

So while I sit here and read through multiple media outlets who are reporting on Colts training camp I realized I didn’t want to continue to cram the same thing on your new feeds or e-mail boxes. A quick breakdown though might help, ready? T.Y. Hilton is doing great as usual and is setting up to have another monster year. Donte Moncrief is hurt per the usual. The offensive line is coming together well but many hope for more as the preseason continues on. The defense is coming along nicely and Johnathan Hankins is a man among boys, or at least many think he is. Andrew Luck is still out and no one knows when he will be available. No one wants Colin Keapernick signed here and, finally everyone is in love with Tarrel Basham and Chester Rogers. There I think I covered the majority of the news in the first few weeks of training camp. Continue reading “Hypothetical Question Colts Nation…”

The Colts Should Not Bring In Another QB

That’s right, I said it. They have three on the roster and two practicing currently. Why would they now choose to bring someone in? Because Luck may not be ready by the time the season starts? I’m sure the team knew that well before now. Would it because he could start the season on the PUP, Physically Unable to Perform, list and miss the first 6 games? Again I’m sure the team knew well before training camp that Andrew Luck would start the training camp on the PUP list. If they knew these things already then why wouldn’t they bring someone in before training camp? Simple, it’s because they aren’t freaking out like the rest of us.  Continue reading “The Colts Should Not Bring In Another QB”

True Blue Fans 2017 Colts Crazy Predictions

While on my hiatus this past year I remember doing these. I loved doing these and you all did as well. These are fun because if they are right then I look like a genius. If they are way off base then I can fall back on these are meant to be fun and they don’t actually mean anything. So without waiting any further, here are my 2017 Colts CRAZY PREDICTIONS!! Continue reading “True Blue Fans 2017 Colts Crazy Predictions”

Get Behind Tolzien, Luck Won’t Be Ready Week One

Alright everyone, I want to first say welcome back to the Colts Nation and football in general.  It’s my favorite time of the year. We can now have things to talk about that will lead us into the season. Also I’m happy to say that after a year away from doing this that I’m back and not going anywhere. Now that that’s out-of-the-way I want to get down to business. We all need to prepare to get behind Scott Tolzien because it seems Andrew Luck isn’t going to be available for at least week one, possibly longer. Continue reading “Get Behind Tolzien, Luck Won’t Be Ready Week One”