What To Watch For At Training Camp

The Indianapolis Colts will report for training camp in just a few weeks. The big story is that Andrew Luck will not be ready for the start of camp. According to reports he is Ballard“right on schedule”, whatever that means, but thankfully its training camp and preseason games. He still has time to heal and begin throwing and building the muscles back up. The Colts are taking it slow which is great to see but the fan base is worried that Luck won’t be the next great quarterback anymore if he cannot stay healthy. That’s what training camp is for though. To weed out the players who can’t produce and to build with the ones that do.

So there are some things to watch for this training camp. Of course there are going to be battles for positions but the majority of them will be on the defensive side of the ball. Chris Ballard has spent wisely to bring in talented players that can play and have shown they can play in the NFL. He drafted well and has stocked the defensive pantries with ready-made players and some guys with enormous potential. Here is what I’ll be watching for during the Colts training camp.  Continue reading “What To Watch For At Training Camp”