Ballard Impresses With His Draft Picks

NCAA Football: Florida at South CarolinaAs a first time general manager you would think that there might be some bumps along the way when it comes to assembling a team left in shambles by your predecessor. That isn’t the case for new Colts GM Chris Ballard. Ballard began his first NFL Draft at the helm by bringing in what some people are calling the next coming of Ed Reed. Malik Hooker wasn’t on the minds of Colts fans when the draft began Thursday night. There were mixed reviews by many on what they thought about Ballard passing on a premiere linebacker in Reuben Foster or a destructive pass rusher in Tak McKinley. Many of those nay-sayers are silenced now after realizing what Ballard was building at the end of the second night of the draft. He is building a world-beater that is in it for the long haul and not be a flash in the pan.  Continue reading “Ballard Impresses With His Draft Picks”

Colts Should Be Getting More Defensive On Day 2 Of The Draft

030517_teez-tabor_1200So as I said before, Malik Hooker is the newest member of the Indianapolis Colts. People are split on this pick but not everyone can be happy, am I right? So with Day 2 of the draft beginning in just a few short hours what shall we see tonight? The Colts have two more picks tonight. One in the 2nd round and one in the 3rd round. There is so much defensive talent in this draft it’s going to be hard for Chris Ballard to draft a complete dud, but it can happen.  Continue reading “Colts Should Be Getting More Defensive On Day 2 Of The Draft”

Colts Take Hooker With 1st Round Pick

HookerThe Ballard-regime began last night with a defensive pick that has split the Colts Nation. Malik Hooker, a safety from THE Ohio State University, is a ball-hawking center fielder that has great instincts and plays very fast. He has troubles with missing some easy tackles because he does take some bad angles or gets juked out of his shoes. What has Colts Nation split on this pick? Maybe it’s the fact that McKinley and Foster were still available there and those that didn’t care of the Hooker pick, including me, thought that linebacker would have been a great place to start. On the other side are those fans that are just happy to have a playmaker in the defensive backfield and the fact that the Colts got a projected top-5 pick at number 15 is a steal.  Continue reading “Colts Take Hooker With 1st Round Pick”

Stop Telling Everyone The Colts Need Offensive Lineman!!

For the last several weeks I have heard many predictions of where the Colts are going to go with the 15th pick. I have heard defensive line, linebacker, running back and even tight end, which didn’t make sense. The one that really doesn’t make any sense is the notion that the Colts need to draft more offensive lineman. Really? You REALLY think this team needs to draft more offensive lineman? Their answer would be, of course. My rebuttal is WHY!!!  Why do they need to draft more offensive lineman?  Continue reading “Stop Telling Everyone The Colts Need Offensive Lineman!!”