Post Combine Colts Mock Draft

The combine has come and gone. We saw some amazing talents do their thing for team general managers and coaches on the biggest stage each of them will have leading up to draft day. Players who you thought would have done well, they did. Many may have already cemented themselves in spots where they were said to be selected. Other made sure to show what they can do and hopefully improved their draft status. For our boys in blue this draft is extremely important. The defense needs buffed up and offense needs a few final touches. This is the draft where the Colts can find those pieces that are needed to push back towards the top of the mountain. After the numbers are put out on how many the combine participants did I feel better in naming who I feel the Colts should select this year. Continue reading “Post Combine Colts Mock Draft”

The Colts Release Mike Adams

Mike Adams was released this evening by the Colts. While with the Colts, Adams made the only three Pro Bowls of his 12 year career. Adams became an instant leader for the Colts defense but unfortunately he couldn’t bring the entire unit together. With his release many may think this opens the door for new Colts GM Chris Ballard to draft a young safety to come in and possibly start for his new team. Don’t get ahead of yourself. The Colts still have T.J. Green and Clayton Geathers who have both showed much promise.

This move allows the team to finally put both players on the field together and see what the tandem can do. Many will say that Ballard and the Colts are creating room to possibly draft Jabrill Peppers from Michigan, but Peppers won’t be the same player he was a Michigan in the NFL. Also he plays like Geathers and there is no need to have two hard-hitting safeties on the roster. The Colts need to let their young talent prosper before they decide to move on. Both Green and Geathers can play in the league and they showed they can hang with anyone.

Adams being released makes sense. The Colts need to get younger and letting go of the aging players makes sense. Adams was one of the best free agent pick-ups that Ryan Grigson brought here. He will hopefully find a landing spot where he can make a final run at a Super Bowl ring but unfortunately father time catches up and I think his clock has run out.

Colts Fans Left Out In The Cold

Indianapolis Colts v Arizona CardinalsIf you haven’t heard the news, the Colts have chosen what they plan to do for training camp this year. They are planning on staying home and their practices will be held at the Farm Bureau Football Center on West 56th Street in Indianapolis. One of their reasons is that weather will no longer be a factor and they will be able to get all of their planned practices in. They only have 11 of their planned practices this past year in Anderson and that could have had repercussions on the season this past year. This news has stunned many Colts fans. Many of us have enjoyed going to training camp and watching out boys in blue get ready for the upcoming season. This was our opportunity to get a first hand look at the team before the season starts and our opportunity to get up close and personal with many of the players and coaches.  Continue reading “Colts Fans Left Out In The Cold”

Irsay and McAfee Step Up For An Entire Community

If you haven’t heard there was a huge tragedy in the small farming town of Delphi, Indiana just over two weeks ago. Two young ladies were murdered by an unknown assailant. There is a picture floating across the internet that was taken by one of the girls because she may abigail-williams-liberty-germanhave felt uncomfortable about the man. There is also a small audio clip that the same girl recorded on her phone.  The clip seems to be recorded after the man got girls to do what he said. The clip simply says “Down The Hill”. Multiple police departments, local and state, along with the FBI are searching the world over for this piece of human excrement. They have leads but nothing solid. They have put together a bounty for anyone with information leading to his arrest.

Today the bounty was raised to just over $100,000 dollars. That’s where former Colts punter Pat McAfee and Colts owner Jim Irsay came to their aid. Both men pooled their resources and made the bounty an even $200,000. This doesn’t surprise me one bit. Both men love the state of Indiana and always do what they can to help. This is a huge push to help someone who is close to this man to turn him over. We all know money makes the world go around and everyone’s hope is that this man’s family and friends will see that kind of money and give him up so he can answer and be punished for what he did.

This is a horrible event that has rocked this small town. A small town that I grew up just 10 miles from as a child. This is my personal plea, if you know anything about this man and have anything, however small you think it is, please call the tip line. I will provide a photo of the man and the tip line at the bottom of this article. I want to personally thank Pat McAfee and Jim Irsay for stepping up to do what they can to help bring this man to justice. This is a big reason why I’m a Colts fan. The community means just as much to them as a W does on Sunday.

Tip Line: 1-844-459-5786

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