Free Agents The Colts Should Pursue

Recently I put a list out of free agents the Colts should try to land. That list has changed dramatically with franchise tags being placed, or not placed in some cases, and teams not picking up the options of other players. Guys like Chandler Jones and Melvin Ingram are most certainly off the table. But not all is lost. There are now some new possibilities that the Colts could add that would make them almost instant contenders.

It’s a small list that I have compiled but I feel that by adding two or three of these guys would really help the Colts be able to make the playoffs and possibly make a run at the Lombardi this season. Call me crazy but that’s how I feel.  Continue reading “Free Agents The Colts Should Pursue”

Pre-Combine Mock Draft

Well, it’s combine week. The week where 300 college football athletes come to Indianapolis, IN and run around in their hi-tech underwear to show NFL scouts and coaches that they have what it takes to play for their team. I know it sounds lame to continue to say that they run around in their underwear but it’s true. However this week is nfl_draft-0-0-1very an important part of the NFL Draft process. This is the first chance that many of these coaches will get the chance to see these amazing athletes in person. Let me answer a few questions though. No, this doesn’t show what these players can do on the field in-game situations. That is what hours and hours of film have told these coaches and scouts. They already know what they can do on a collegiate football field. This is to get the measurable and meet with their targets one on one to talk with them and get to know them a little better. Finally, yes. Yes these things matter. Think back to 1998 when it was between Ryan Leaf and Peyton Manning. Both were dominant in college and both were fantastic athletes. However the ever important interview showed the Colts that Peyton was more pro ready than Leaf. The rest is history.

So with all that said, I would like to present my pre-combine Colts mock draft. We all know where the team needs help. Now with new GM Chris Ballard in town we can all hope that we don’t have to suffer a few more years of wasted draft picks. Here you go, enjoy!! Continue reading “Pre-Combine Mock Draft”

D-Jax Is Gone, Who Else Will Follow?

New Colts general manager Chris Ballard has jumped in feet first. He has said that he knows there is a long road ahead but he is ready for the challenge. What’s the challenge? usa-today-9458236-0Returning a perennial powerhouse back to its rightful place among the NFL elite. Today Ballard wasted no time in working out the kinks that plague this team. Former Pro Bowl linebacker D’Qwell Jackson was given his walking papers. Ballard knows that the defense is the biggest issue with this franchise and they need to get younger and faster. Jackson is neither of those things. Jackson has been a great player for the Colts and if definitely one of Grigson’s best free agent signings. However, Jackson is liability in coverage and isn’t the player he once was and Ballard has realized that. Not only does the franchise free itself of an aging player, they free up six million dollars in cap money. That’s going to help with the reloading of this team. The biggest question still remains though, who’s next? Continue reading “D-Jax Is Gone, Who Else Will Follow?”

Shoes Up Indy!!!!

z_bmg-wkWhat’s up Indy!! It’s your man Justin here to bring you a movement that will catch you by surprise and should take this fan base by storm. The Shoes Up Movement was created by Colts mega fan Mike Bostic. Some of you would also know him as Clony Dungy. I had seen a few things about this movement so I finally contacted Mike to find out what this is all about and it warmed my heart. Yes, the big scary, bearded guy has a heart and I’m really just a big softy. Continue reading “Shoes Up Indy!!!!”

TBF 2017 Mock Draft 1.0

wisconsin-tj-wattIt’s that time of year again. The Super Bowl is just a few days away and so after will be the NFL Combine. A day that football fans everywhere tune into the NFL Network to watch young men run around in their underwear to impress scouts, GM’s and coaches. The Senior Bowl has come and gone and there were some impressive performances. Some of the “unknown’s” or “tweeners” boosted their draft stock or did exactly what everyone thought. It’s honestly my favorite part of the football off-season, the Combine, but the NFL Draft is my absolute favorite time of the off-season calendar. In seasons past we have waited to see how Ryan Grigson was going to screw up the team even more than he did. Well there is a new voice in the room and everyone is pretty excited about that; including me. I jumped to judgement to quickly about Chris Ballard and I shouldn’t have. Ballard is more than equipped to handle this job and has some pretty impressive free agents and draft picks to back it up. I know he wasn’t the guy who did the drafting but his voice was heard in the majority of them and no one can’t say the Chiefs haven’t had some pretty damn good drafts in the last few years.

With that said, this year’s draft class has some pretty outstanding talent. Ballard has a whole defense to re-build while keeping the pantry stocked for Luck. It’s a very tall order but I do believe he can do it. While watching a little bit of film and checking into some players that I have read about, I have come up with my first mock draft of the season. Let me know what you think. Did I reach? Did I play “fan boy”? Enjoy everyone!!! Continue reading “TBF 2017 Mock Draft 1.0”