10 Free Agents The Colts Could Target This Off-Season

Jamie CollinsSo now that the hangover of the greatest news any Colts fan could have asked for we can  now talk about how this team could be into a contender again, and quickly. After the last 5 years I’m sure no Colts fan wants to hear about free agent targets since many of them never panned out. Guys like Darius Butler, Mike Adams and Erik Walden (barely) are the only players that Grigdumb brought in that worked out at all. However, there are some really good targets this year that fill a need on this team. Guys that aren’t duds or at least have never shown they are duds. Obviously some of these guys on this list could be re-signed but I feel the majority of them aren’t needed or won’t want to return to their current teams. Continue reading “10 Free Agents The Colts Could Target This Off-Season”

And Boom Goes The Dynamite!! Grigson Is Gone!!

YAHOOO!!!  Ding dong Grigson is gone. How happy are we Colts Nation? This is the best news any of us could have heard this weekend about our team. This should have happened before the 2014 season but definitely after last season. I know Jim Irsay doesn’t like to change things up much but this had to happen. Grigson had to booted for the sake of the franchise. Now there is a huge question to be answered; who replaces him? Continue reading “And Boom Goes The Dynamite!! Grigson Is Gone!!”

Andrew Luck Has Shoulder Surgery?!?! Let’s Not Freak Out Please.

200_sSO….we all found the hard way didn’t we?  We found via Jim Irsay’s crazy ass twitter account that Andrew Luck had a minor shoulder surgery, outpatient to be exact, but he will be fine. That’s not what I have seen on my timelines or in the headlines. People are freaking out as to why he had the surgery in the first place and how we didn’t know about this before. Well it’s very simple…IT WASN’T A BIG DEAL!!!! Continue reading “Andrew Luck Has Shoulder Surgery?!?! Let’s Not Freak Out Please.”

Here Are Some Real Options For Colts Head Coach

domcapers-300x195Now that the Jon Gruden talk is dead it’s time to really think about who are some viable options for the Colts head coach position. Yes I understand that it isn’t vacant yet but after Irsay’s crusade became public news he has to fire Pagano and Grigson now. Doesn’t he? I mean Irsay may have turned this into a sideshow, but he can’t be cruel and unusual by keeping two guys that now know he has no confidence in them. Chuck and Ryan know without a shadow of a doubt that Irsay doesn’t want them around any longer. How are they supposed to do their jobs effectively knowing that information? They couldn’t even do their jobs effectively when they thought that Irsay did have their backs. So who could be a suitable replacement for Pagano? I’m so glad you asked. Let me know show you.  Continue reading “Here Are Some Real Options For Colts Head Coach”

Defense Should Be The Only Thing On The Colts Mind Come Draft Night

51771779The Colts off-season is still in its infancy state. The college bowl season just ended and the college all-star games are coming.  The NFL Combine is coming down the pike as well. “Draft Season” is possibly the most exciting for me every year in the NFL.  Who is going to go where and who is the best player my Colts can take?  Usually every season I’m on board with best player available (BPA) but this year not so much. This draft season for the Colts must focus on youth for the defense. And not just youth but youth that they can plug and play this season. Continue reading “Defense Should Be The Only Thing On The Colts Mind Come Draft Night”

True Blue Fans Is Back!!!

Hello fellow Colts fans. It’s me your favorite blogger, Justin Henson. I am back and better than ever. I took the season off because I had lost the passion to write anymore. I realized that people are just nasty in general and I didn’t want to put up with it any longer. Well after reading things over the past season and as the off-season begins I cannot keep silent any longer.

I’m back to share my opinion and damn what people think.  I missed everyone but I can say this, you may not like what I have to say now.  For those of you who followed us for the four great years we ran, you know that we aren’t a fluff piece blog. We will not stick our noses up the teams rear end and blow smoke up yours.  For those that are new to our ranks, you will get the most real opinion and genuine feelings towards a team we all love.

I’m still not a professional journalist so bear with me while I knock the dust of this old, chubby fingers and get ready for a great ride. TRUE BLUE FANS IS BACK!!!!

Justin Henson
Co-Founder of True Blue Fans
Colts fan since 1990