Day Two of the NFL Draft, Where Do The Colts Go?

So the Colts bolstered the offensive line with the sixth pick so now it’s time to have some fun, right? On day 2 of the draft the Colts have a total of four picks between rounds two and three. Picks 36, 37, 49 and 67 will be used today. I don’t see Ballard trading any of them away because this is the day where you find gold. Kareem Hunt and Alvin Kamara were drafted on this day last year. So the question is where do the Colts go with these picks? They still need a pass rusher, running back, wide receiver and more offensive lineman. Middle linebacker is a need but they may not be able to get one this year. So who is left for the Colts to select this evening? Here ya go… Continue reading “Day Two of the NFL Draft, Where Do The Colts Go?”

Colts Bolster O-Line With Nelson Pick

868368428.jpg.0The Colts added a monster to their team during the first round of the NFL Draft. Quenton Nelson was chosen 6th overall and it has many fans with their panties in a bunch. Many wanted the Colts take Minkah Fitzpatrick or Roquan Smith with the sixth pick but Colts GM Chris Ballard saw it differently and I see his vision. He just got the best offensive line prospect to come out in the draft since Zach Martin in 2014. Nelson is a road grater and has a nasty streak in him. He reminds me of Richie Incognito you know, without the blatant racism.  Continue reading “Colts Bolster O-Line With Nelson Pick”

TBF Final 7-Round Mock Draft

The 2018 NFL Draft begins this Thursday night. That is also the night where the Colts take their first steps into becoming the hunted again instead of the hunters. Ryan Grigson Smiththrew this franchise into a deep hole with his meddling and tinkering but never really changed a thing. Chris Ballard took his first swing last year and land a couple but he will have to do better this year if the Colts organization wants to retain their fan base. The Colts Nation aren’t wanting to hear about a “rebuilding process”. They want to hear that the team is doing everything them can to make a difference now. There is a ton of good to great talent in this years draft pool. I am sure that Ballard and the other scouts have flipped over every rock to find solid talent. I’m sure a few IPads were broken while watching film. My biggest hope is that the guys they bring in will contribute somewhere right away.  Continue reading “TBF Final 7-Round Mock Draft”

TBF Mock Draft 3.0

We sit 16 days from the 2018 NFL Draft. The Colts have already made one move from theN. Chubb 3rd pick to the 6th pick and also picking up two more 2nd round picks. I still feel like Ballard should be in jail for stealing from the Jets. Even though the Colts moved back there is still a big chance that they can still land Bradley Chubb or Saquon Barkley with the 6th pick which is utterly fantastic. I don’t believe either will be there which will leave them to one of two things, take Nelson out of Notre Dame or shop the pick. Of course there will be suitors for the 6th pick and I believe Buffalo has the most to offer for the pick. Let’s see how this mock plays out shall we? Continue reading “TBF Mock Draft 3.0”

Coach Reich Delivers His Message To The Team

Coach Frank Reich met with his new team today for the first time. This week begins the off-season training program. These are the early days when the new offense and defense will be put in and the learning process begins. We are all excited to see that Andrew Luck is in Indy as promised a few weeks ago. We heard his words that he feels 100% that he will be ready for training camp. That’s great news. However today Coach Reich delivered his  message to a room full of players that he has never coached and they have never played for either.  Continue reading “Coach Reich Delivers His Message To The Team”

Colts 7-Round Mock Draft 2.0

868368428.jpg.0So the Colts have traded out of the 3rd pick and landed in the 6th, 37th and 49th picks. The Colts also released their best defensive lineman in Jonathan Hankins today. So I’m starting to really think that Ballard isn’t building for now but for two to three years from now. With four picks in the top 50 they are setting themselves up to really be contenders in a year or two. With all this happening and the Colts really not going after free agents I felt it was time to get an updated mock draft up for you all to argue about. Here we go… Continue reading “Colts 7-Round Mock Draft 2.0”

Ballard Steals From The Jets

Hopefully you all have heard by now but if you haven’t then let me tell you. The Colts noshock-650x345 longer hold the 3rd pick in this years NFL Draft. Chris Ballard turned the 3rd pick into the 6th pick, 37th pick and the 49th pick. They also landed the Jets 2nd round pick next year. That’s a king’s ransom for one pick. The Jets were hard up to move into the range to get their next starting quarterback and were willing to give up enough to get into contention. However I do not think that Bradley Chubb will be available at the 6th pick.  Continue reading “Ballard Steals From The Jets”